Smoke Oil

PetroBlend Smoke Oil - There is a Difference

  • PetroBlend Smoke Oil
    The Best in the Business
  • Clean Burning
    Less Mess for your Airplane
  • Powerful
    A Thick Trail of Smoke
  • Cost Effective
    A Better Deal for Your Show or Event
  • Extra Equipment?
    We've got you Covered
  • Shipping Where?
    Anywhere in the US
  • PetroBlend
    There is a Difference

PetroBlend offers the worlds best smoke oil at a price that will beat the competition. Our oil burns clean while producing a beautiful smoke trail. We can package it from 5 gallons to 265 gallons to meet your requirement. People around the country call PetroBlend Smoke Oil the best in the business!

Smoke Oil Options

  • 265 Gallon Tote

  • 55 Gallon Drum

  • 2 - 2.5 Gallon Jugs

  • Barrel Rollers

  • Electric Pumps

  • Hand Pumps

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Petroblend Smoke Oil is the by far the best I have ever used. It burns clean and gives me a thick and awesome smoke trail.