Engine Oil & Hydraulic Fluid

PetroBlend Engine Oil & Hydraulic Fluid - There is a Difference

PetroBlend manufactures a full line of high quality lubricants and fuel additives. These products are blended with high quality paraffinic base and the latest additive chemistries to meet the highest industry specifications.

  • 3000 Series Engine Oils

  • 1000 Series Engine Oils

  • PetroBlend UTF

  • AW Series Hydraulic Oils & G-520

  • 4000 series Engine Oil

  • PetroBlend Engine Oil
    The Best in the Business
  • High Quality
    Paraffinic Base and the Latest Additive Chemistries
  • Cost Effective
    Blended to Meet Your Needs
  • Reliable
    Meet the Highest Industry Specifications